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Indoor Composting


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The Worm Factory 360 is a tall and modular system (you can add new trays if you need) that doesn’t require much room. It is made from sturdy recycled plastic making it environmentally friendly. The overall construction is solid. This system is easy to maintain. As long as you feed the worms with appropriate organic scraps, you barely need to worry about cleaning it at all! (even though you will need to empty the worm tea periodically to prevent overflow).

We think that the Hot Frog Living Composter has the most appealing look among the available bins in its category. The wooden legs give it a unique touch! It comes with three different layers and it is also modular, as new trays can add up together. Each of the top two layers has 40 holes in the bottom so worms can move between the sections. We like the Hot Frog system because, if used properly, it will be odorless but users need to manually remove any worm tea produced during the process. 

The Food Cycler Platinum It can reduce your kitchen waste up to 90%, breaking it down into a viable soil amendment in less than 3 hours! It is convenient and efficient. It features a monitoring system that will let you know when to replace the filter and has a capacity of 3 gallons per week. This product makes composting into an odorless activity as there are no draining, venting or additives required.


Wind Power Systems


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The ECO LLC 400W DC 12V/24V Wind Turbine Generator does not include the pole or battery. This is a great starter kit for people wanting to get going with wind power. It has a low wind speed startup so is great if you have lower then average wind capacity. In addition, the tower height requirement is only 15 – 30 feet high.

If your wind and or solar requirements don’t match the output guidelines you might consider a hybrid system. The ECO LLC 850W Hybrid Solar-Wind Kit gives you 400W Wind Generator. Plus you get three solar panels that are 150W and a 1KW Inverter.
This system gives you a maximum daily output at 2520W. The big advantage is that it works when there is only wind power or only solar power available or will work as a hybrid.

If you are handy and want to DIY and make the blades you can just buy the generator to power your system. The MarsRock 600r/m 100W 12V or 24V Permanent Magnet Generator AC Alternator for Vertical or Horizontal Wind Turbine 100W Wind Generator (12V). This small generator has impressive power and is gearless, uses direct -drive, and has a low rev rare earth Permanent Magnet Generator which is easy and safe for operating and maintenance.

Small vertical axes turbines are attractive and made to fit on RV’s or boats. This one made by Wonderful Online has a 400Watt DC12V generator and four with optimized aerodynamic blades. The blades are made for low wind start up to be more energy efficient.

You can measure your wind speed with the use of an anemometer. The HOLDPEAK 866B Digital Anemometer measures wind speed, temperature and wind chill. It has a range: 0.3-30m/s and accuracy: 0.1dgts. Take measurements on a daily schedule for several weeks to determine your average wind speed.


Home Energy Efficiency


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Where are you using power? What appliances use the most electricity? You can buy the simple and efficient Poniie PN2000 watt meter to help you answer those questions.

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is WiFi Enabled, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple HomeKit will help you to control and monitor your electric use.

The Sensored Life MAR-500A Marcel Cellular Monitoring System will send you Instant notification of issues via text, email or phone call regarding abnormal energy and water usage among other features.


Off the Grid Lifestyle


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A quality solar oven such as the All American Sun Oven- The Ultimate Solar Appliance will be up to any baking task. This sturdy solar oven will reach temperatures of 360 to 400 Fahrenheit (approximately 180 to 205 Celsius) and can even be used to roast meats. This model is great because its larger size can accommodate standard size pans.

This Smad Gas Refrigerator Freezer Propane Fridge with Freezer is 9.3 Cu.Ft is very energy efficient and requires no electricity to run. However, it can run on 110 electric, but that would not be as efficient. This model uses approximately 20 pounds of propane every two weeks. Propane refrigerators are quiet, self-contained and do not cause indoor air pollution. They also use no freon which is an environmental pollutant.

The Smad DC/AC Solar Refrigerator Double Doors with Freezer is 6.2 Cu ft (so slightly smaller than the propane model). At a cost of $1299, it averages @ $210 per cubic foot.
Solar fridges are highly efficient. They are typically well insulated with quiet compressors. This model can be powered via solar or wind power directly (DC) or off battery power (AC).

The Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Shed Light work with remote control. They are made for use in a shed or garage but are adequate to use in the home as well. The High-Quality Amorphous solar panel recharges using an included battery. These lights are easy to install by mounting the solar panel in a sunny location and drilling a hole to run the wiring through. These lights are not very bright but give enough quality light to cook a meal or see around the house. They can be comforting if you have a child who is afraid of the dark. Not recommended for reading unless you sit directly below the light.

The KISAE Technology HS400-00 Is a complete Home Solar 400 Watt kit. It is self-contained, so the inverter and the battery are all in a box together. This plug and play system makes it easy to install and easy to use. You could easily power lights and the weather radio during a storm or power outage. It would also charge your cell phone and laptop. This kit also makes an accessible introduction to solar power. Do you want to switch over one area of your house? Depending on your equipment you could power your home office with this product. Laptop, printer and desk lamp can all run on under 40 watts as long as you have energy efficient models.

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